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Safety & Quality Policy
The company has a well-defined HSE Policy to ensure safe working conditions, better health preservation and protection of the pristine environment across diverse and widespread operational areas. We abide by all relevant health, safety and environmental laws/regulations and adhere to most viable operating policies and procedures. Our HSE Management System not only focuses on safe working practices but also highlights the roles and responsibilities of all our team members working proactively to ensure HSE excellence. We call on their active support, co-operation and participation so that safety and environment may remain the first priority throughout the organization.

Our HSE policy is implemented through the company's strategies, action plans, management commitment and loyal & active employee support. We carry out the following activities in order to:
  1. Ensure a safe & healthy work environment for all.
  2. Ascertain prudent use of natural resources and minimum environmental impact.
  3. Assure that all equipment and machinery are ready for safe & efficient operations.
  4. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and permits.
  5. Encourage continual and progressive improvement in workplace safety, health and environment.

Our goal is to ensure that the HSE excellence remains a continuous process so that we may provide our customers with best industry performances. The HSE objectives for each E&P solution are designed to eliminate lost time accidents and minimize environmental impacts. Our objectives include
  1. Ensuring employee protection against occupational risks, accidents, health hazards and dangerous situations.
  2. Establishing a work environment that conforms to world-class health & safety standards.
  3. Integrating safety and health measures at every level - be it rig design, operational activities or maintenance.
  4. Setting up Major Hazards Registers at all units.
  5. Implementation of OISD (Oil Industry Safety Directorate) standards (designing and operations) at all units as per the Petroleum (Amendment) Rules, 2005.
  6. Providing adequate training on Health, Safety and Environmental responsibilities, ensuring high training standards and building overall awareness.
  7. Encouraging active employee participation for enhancing work conditions and environment management.
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